A God who stays in touch

January 5, 2020
John's opening prologue helps us to ponder what kind of God, who created the universe, would move into our neighborhood and be our neighbor?

Transforming Faith and Unassuming Service

October 4, 2019
Faith in Christ transforms us and leads us to service to others without needing to be praised or thanked for it. God working through each of us, doing more for…

Changing our Minds

October 4, 2019
The Apostle rejoices that God changed his mind about him and called him to a leader of the Christian Church. Paul in turn encourages us to change our minds about…

The life that really is life

September 29, 2019
WE respond to God's gift of "life that really is life" by using what God has given to us in service to others.

Costly Discipleship

September 15, 2019
Following Jesus is not an easy endeavor. It always involves dying to something that inhibits our growth in faith and strengthening our commitment to Christ's mission.