A Deeper Hunger

The crowds struggle to understand the meaning of Jesus as the Bread of heaven.

A New Celebrity in Town

We look at Jesus feeding the 5,000. Thanks to Frank Logue for his insights into this passage.

The Art of Forgiveness

We focus on the Art of Forgiveness through the experience of Joseph in Genesis 50.

Reaching out for help

We focus on a hurting woman and hurting father who reach out to Jesus for healing and help in their own ways. This gives us inspiration to reach for help ourselves.

Facing our Fears with Faith

David’s battle with Goliath gives us an opportunity to reflect upon how we deal with our fears with faith.

Decisions of the Heart

We explore God’s choice of David to be King of Israel. We reflect upon how God looks to a person’s heart or inner being as the basis of his choices for those whom he calls to service rather than outward appearances.

Guest Preacher

Our minister is enjoying a break before the summer season arrives. We welcome our dear friend the Rev. Fiona Swanson back to St. Paul’s to lead us in worship.

Trinity Sunday

This week our worship is being led by the Rev. Fiona Swanson.